So we’re at the third hotel in our escapades across tokyo and we get free wifi, it’s the first hotel that we’ve had any kind of internet at so I’m going to try to do as much with that as possible in as little time as possible because I’d rather be out and about in Tokyo than on a computer ^_^ I’m sure you understand.

We recorded the first podcast last night, it’s not exactly as I had planned it but it will work. I bought a microphone in Akihabara but it turns out that I packed the mixer AC adapter in one of the other bags as well (probably in the same zip-lock bag as the microphones >.< ) so we recorded from the internal mic in my laptop, which while high grade it picked up a lot of background noise. I’m not going to clean it up or edit it so much so please forgive me on that part. After I get settled in Japan I plan to release a podcast every monday and I promise to be punctual with that. Other than that Japan is great, we’re have a great time and just enjoying being tourists.

By the end of tonight (Monday) I plan to have our report of Day 2 and Day 3 up and the first podcast which will cover Day 4 up on the site, the flickr and youtube will be updated with all our photos and videos as well. So until then!