So I get back to the Ryokan today and my charger decides that it doesn’t want to work… at all. Right now I’m writing with about 50% battery life on my laptop. I’ll have to go to Akihabara or the Apple store in Ginza and shell out $50 – $100 for a new one T_T I am not very happy about this. On the upside we had a good day today I’ll be writing about that after things start working my way. *sigh*

Somehow I fixed the above problem so I’m up and running, I’m uploading photos to flickr right now and as soon as I’m done with that I’ll get to uploading the videos to youtube. All videos and photos for the Tokyo and Tohoku trip are and will be taken by Ryan Iffert, after I get to Osaka that’s when the pictures will start being taken by me. I updated the previous posts so that they have photos in them so check that out. After I’m finished with photos and video then I’ll start on writing up the remainder of our activities. Worse comes to worse I’ll write while Ryan and I are riding the shinkansen to Sendai tomorrow.