August 20, 2007

We got up pretty early and headed out to Shibuya to transfer to a train to go to Mitaka because we had reserved through JTB our tickets to the Ghibli Museum. When we walk outside the Mitaka station we take the cat bus themed shuttle to the museum. We walk inside the museum and are told that pictures are not allowed inside the museum but when we step outside we can then take all the pictures we wish to. We picked up the complementary packet and went to see the short film presentation, which turned out to be an original short film called Monmon the Water Spider (水グモもんもん Mizugumo Monmon).

The inside of the museum is really interesting, it had exhibitions explaining the old animation process as well as showing some moving models that, when moving fast, looked like it was animated. There were rooms inside that were set up like an artist’s room having original sketch books and different points of information. Stepping outside, we took many pictures, the roof had some extremely awesome statues of objects from Laputa, Castle in the Sky.

After spending the day at the Ghibli Museum we returned to the ryokan to pick up Lower’s luggage because he had to go back to Tsukuba to teach English the following day. We headed to Asakusa and had some dinner near Sensouji and then Ryan and I saw Lower off at the station for the Tsukuba Express.

We then headed back to the Katsutaro Ryokan because we had to get up early for our day trip to Mt. Fuji and Hakone the following day. Which is what I will write about next time, until then!