My name is Andrew M. Corbin, most people call me just Corbin and I’m fine with that, in fact more often than not I prefer it. Long story short no matter what form of school I have gone to there have been alot of Andrews so we had to differentiate, since I hate being called Andy, Drew, or some other type of nickname I was assigned as Corbin among my peers, and it stuck.

I’m a current student at the State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome, or SUNYIT for short, at which I started attending Fall of 2004 after graduation from Morrisville/Eaton High School. I applied to both RIT and SUNYIT but chose the latter because of dorms and money ($20,000 cheaper >.<). Immediately after arriving on campus I inquired as to the existence of an Anime Club (because I am a big fan of anime and japanese culture), to which I found out there was none. I then decided to start one, which I did. The first meeting I got an overwhelming response and SITAC ( SUNY I T Anime Club) was born. It has since grown to be the second largest student club on campus and we held our first Anime Convention called SITACon in the fall of 2006. SITACon was the first Anime Convention of Central New York, we were also the largest student run event of campus ever.

Initially I started at SUNYIT as a Computer Science major, until I found out that I hated programming… I am now a Business and Public Management major with a minor in Comp Sci, since I saw no reason to throw away the credits for the previous courses. My focus is on International Business and eventually I want to work in a company that is either based in the US or Japan and has strong ties to the other country. So things that I have done have been to work towards that goal.

In the Spring of 2005, during spring break, I travelled to Tokyo, Japan for 8 days. I took tons of pictures, as you can see on the link to the right, and it was such a great experience, I knew I had to go back to Japan. I stayed in ryokans in Asakusa, and Bunkyo-ku. Full details of my trip will be posted to my VirtualTourist Page.

I should probably get to why I created this blog. I didn’t just make this for no reason or to just write about little nothings, I actually created this blog with a purpose: to detail my experiences in Japan, as well as give information and advice to those wanting to know about study abroad, what to do in Osaka, Japan and surrounding areas. I will post pictures as well as have links, and hopefully it will entertain as well as inform. So with that I welcome you, the reader, to Corbin In Japan.