A hobby of mine, started way back when I was real young by my father, was to build models. I’ve built a few models in my day, but I haven’t actually built a model in years. I was walking through a hobby/game shop some time ago and noticed that they had models. My interest was piqued when my eye caught a fighter jet, they’ve always been my weak spot. So I bought it as well as a few supplies to feed my modeling habit.

It was sitting around for a while and finally, because it was raining today (5/27/07), I broke it out and decided to build it. It brought back a flood of emotions and smells and sensations that I haven’t felt in a long time. The smell of the modeling glue, the feeling of dried glue on the finger tips, the frustrations of not being able to place that piece in the exact position that I want to put it in, and the feeling of satisfaction on completing each piece and assembling them into a whole. It was good times.

The model that I did today was a F-4B/N Phantom II produced (and I assume distributed by) Hasegawa Hobby Kits. Here are some pictures that I took along the way. All photos are hosted on my flickr account, so go over there if you would like to see them in different sizes.