I’ve been thinking about this for a while now (since I started the blog), about setting up deadlines for myself for posting to this blog. It is a fine line to tread because for me, if I don’t set up deadlines I may start slipping and posting to the blog less and less, meaning that readership will go down because of unreliability and not knowing if the next time you visit there will be new content or not. On the other hand I don’t want to post so often that I don’t have anything meaningful to say, the last thing I want this blog to turn into is a stereotypical “I woke up, it’s raining, Japan is great, went to class, ate food, goodnight” kind of a blog. Personally I find those kind of blogs to be simply unenjoyable, and if I don’t want to read those types of things, I’m sure there are others who find that to be annoying as well.

I’ve been throwing around ideas in my head as to an ideal posting schedule, and I’ve come up with two viable options.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Monday, Friday

The benefit of both options is that I would have the weekend to do things, meaning that I can give advice and other tidbits of knowledge when I return to the computer. The reason I haven’t decided between the two is because of that gap in the middle of the week, I haven’t really decided on whether it would be a good thing to have it or not. I’m leaning more towards the MWF model of doing things because of that balance between frequency and free time.

At the moment it isn’t a big issue for me because I am not in Japan yet, so the information that I can provide about Japan and the area where I will be living is extremely limited as I don’t have any first hand experience. When I go across the Pacific, this will be a little more important. It’s just a decision I would like to get out of the way so I don’t have to worry about it later kind of thing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, you can leave a comment or click on the “Contact Corbin” button on the right side of the block (near the bottom). Just letting you see a little into the backround happenings of Corbin in Japan… before I’m in Japan.